Functional Nutrition and Nootropics in Vite Naturals

Functional nutrition differs from standard nutrition in that it considers the individual and tailors diet using a holistic approach. Someone who has chronic illness for example will need to approach the issue of nutrition differently to a healthy person. Not all foods classified as good for you, necessarily are. Pineapple juice won’t benefit a person with a heartburn leading to gastroesophageal reflux disease but may suit another person. How do we know, therefore what to eat or drink?

Nootropics, The Gut and the Brain

Nootropics on the other hand is a drug or supplement designed to improve cognitive function and prevent mental fog. Nootropic supplements understand the relationship between the gut and the brain to accomplish this. A functional nutitionist may advocate nootropic foods in the attempt to alter the brain function improving focus, memory, motivation, mood, and cognition. They increase energy and are pleasant on the gut without the displeasure of gastrointestinal side effects.

The Vite Naturals Solution

Founder Robert Thorpe of Vite naturals who produce a healthy snack and drink solution said in an interview with the Grocer magazine, “we are focusing on offering functional nutrition in forms that everybody can enjoy”. Certainly many people enjoy a chocolate bar and if presented as a nootropic functional snack improving energy and mental clarity, a lifestyle change in our eating habits may well need to be adopted.

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